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How to stop a recurring transaction

A recurring transaction will end automatically based on the End Date selected when the recurring transaction was scheduled. If the End Date is not set, prevent future recurring transactions from processing by following the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the EC-Zone>Recurring Transaction option from the EC-Navigator menu on the left side of the screen. The menu will default to the Create Recurring Transaction screen.

Step 2: Click the View Recurring Transactions tab.                         

Step 3: If applicable, select the appropriate Merchant from the drop-down in the Merchant Selection section.

Step 4: If applicable, select the appropriate Location from the drop-down in the Location Selection section.

Step 5: If applicable, select the appropriate Terminal from the drop-down in the Terminal Selection section.

Step 6: Locate the appropriate recurring transaction within the Recurring Transactions table. To search for the appropriate transaction, expand the Filter Criteria section and enter your search parameters.

Step 7: Hover over the Actions radial button along the left of the recurring transaction.

Step 8: Click on Stop Schedule.

Note: Clicking Stop Schedule will end the recurring transaction immediately. The Next Processing Date field will be empty and no further transactions will generate from that record.

Note: Deleting a Stored Credit Card will immediately stop any recurring transactions associated with that card number. You will receive a warning message that the credit card ties to a recurring transaction prior to deletion. The View Recurring Transactions section will show “[Card Deleted]” in the Name on Card field for any recurring transaction where the stored credit card was deleted.

Note: EC-Navigator® is a permission-driven application. Your Username may not have access to certain functionality described within this article. Consult your account administrator if you require permissions to additional EC-Navigator functionality.

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