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How to create a Secure PayLink

Step 1: Click on the EC-Zone > Secure PayLink option from the EC-Navigator menu on the left side of the screen.  The menu will default to the Create Secure PayLink screen.

Step 2: If applicable, select the appropriate Merchant from the drop-down in the Merchant Selection section.

Step 3: If applicable, select the appropriate Location from the drop-down in the Location Selection section.

Step 4: If applicable, select the appropriate Terminal from the drop-down in the Terminal Selection section.

Step 5: Add one or more line items to the Line Item Detail section.

Step 6: If desired, enter any relevant tracking information in the Tracking Information section. For proper interchange qualification, enter a Customer Ref Value.

Step 7: Enter any applicable values in the Transaction Totals section.

Step 8: Click on the Create Secure PayLink button at the bottom of the Transaction Totals section. A Secure PayLink window will open.

Step 9: Copy the link either by highlighting and copying it or by clicking the Clipboard icon to the right of the link.  Paste this link into the communication that you will send to your customer.

Step 10: Close the Secure PayLink window.

Note: The Transaction Type section of the Create Secure PayLink tab indicates the Secure PayLink transaction must be transaction type Authorize and Capture. The Secure PayLink transaction will submit as type Authorize and Capture when the customer submits their card information on the received link.

Note: EC-Navigator® is a permission-driven application. Your Username may not have access to certain functionality described within this article. Consult your account administrator if you require permissions to additional EC-Navigator functionality.

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