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Payment WorkSuite client contact update form


In order to update a listed managerial contact on a Payment WorkSuite account, we will first need to receive notification from an individual currently listed as a Client Contact. If you are a listed managerial contact on your Payment WorkSuite account, you may contact our Customer Support Team directly by email (PaymentWorkSuite@3DSI.com) or use the link within our Help Center to create a ticket request. Please be sure to provide us with the name of the new contact along with their telephone number and email address. 

If the current contact is no longer with your company, you may update the account contact by completing the 3DSI_Client Contact_Update_2012.pdf template form (attached below) on your company letterhead and returning it to our Customer Support team. For security best practices, any request sent on company letterhead must be signed by an authorized agent of the organization. Any request received not on company letterhead (or from a current contact) will not be accepted. 

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